COSMOS X by Minus-Tio

Cosmos is a series of pedestal tables reflecting the designers fascination for rockets and robots with human expression. The X is a multiple pillar conference version, especially suitable for meeting rooms and flexible workspaces. Available in bar and counter height as well as dining table height.

H: 730/ 750 x 1350 (Surface, 2 pillars)
H: 730/ 750 x 1850 (Surface, 3 pillars)

H: 900/ 750 x 1350
H: 900/ 750 x 1850

H: 1100/ 750 x 1350
H: 1100/ 750 x 1850

Oak/birch or clear lacquered/painted pillars, compact laminate table top, powder coated steel base.

Oak/Black, Birch/Black, Oak/Grey, White/Grey

Use damp cloth. If necessary a mixture of water and soap can be used. Wood should not be exposed to direct sunlight or heat.