Elements and Long Johns at Flow café

Flow Café is a chic little coffee place located in Jumeirah Emirates Towers. The goal is to inspire people in to adopting a positive state of mind by having a healthy meal and being surrounded by a stimulating decor. It is perfect for a healthy lunch or a specialty coffee. Flow promotes creativity and the youth by offering a creative space, for them to connect and converse. The free Wi-Fi and USB plug connections are definitely a great feature too. The decor includes the Long John fixture from RUBN as well as the Elements pendants from ZERO Lighting. It is the perfect combination to achieve a cozy yet elegant ambiance. We could easily spend a couple of hours in this establishment and not get tired of it! Let the creativity flow!

The ELEMENTS pendant was inspired by the awe-inspiring masterpiece that is the Nordic light. Reminiscing of twilight, dawn and the midnight sun, these fabric lights create a soft and delicate glow in these organic shades.

The LONG JOHN magnificent design will upgrade any setting and compliment the most distinct environment. The possibility of combining brass, concrete and leather is an appealing factor that lets you create a unique luminaire.