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We turn spaces into places. Houses into homes.
Offering design with history. And brands with a story.
Providing details to your business. And details to your life.
Adding soul to both. Adding character to all.

D.tales is a unique Scandinavian interiors concept store and a leading supplier of Scandinavian Furniture, Lighting, Wallpaper and Accessories into the Hospitality, Commercial and Residential sectors across the GCC.

Based in the UAE since 2009, D.tales is the official distributor for world renowned brands such as &tradition, Design House Stockholm, Frama, Gärsnäs, Källemo, minus-tio, Muuto, Nikari, OFFECCT, String, Swedese, Tapwell, Zilenzio, Örsjö, RUBN, Secto Design, Zero Lighting and many more.

Our showroom is located on Dubai’s iconic Jumeirah Beach Road offering a wide selection of unique Scandinavian masterpieces.


With long dark winters in the North, lighting is a very important aspect of any space design in Scandinavia. This might be one of the reasons Scandinavian lights have such a broad and innovative way to create functional yet beautiful lights that add warmth to spaces.

D.tales represents within its portfolio, some of the leading Scandinavian light designers and suppliers in the market today, from &tradition, Design House Stockholm, Frama, Muuto, Örsjö, RUBN, Secto Design and Zero Lighting.

We have lights for every aspect of the design stage, from contractual and architectural lights for both indoors and outdoors to ambiance and decorative lighting fixtures for the HORECA market.

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At the core of our offering is the belief that furniture should exemplify a minimalist and functional design, without compromising on craftsmanship and quality. This is communicated through a wide selection of pieces from iconic Scandinavian brands like &tradition, Design House Stockholm, Frama, Gärsnäs, Källemo, minus-tio, Muuro, Nikari, OFFECCT, String, Swedese, Tapwell, Zilenzio and many more.

Beyond catering to retail customers, we also supply chairs, tables, sofas and storage units for Hotels, Restaurants and Cafes on a commercial scale.

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D.tales represents WA Wallvision Sweden, one of the major wallpaper companies in Europe. We are the authorized distributor for Engblad & Co., Boråstapeter and Mr Perswall in the GCC and have an established distribution and reseller network throughout Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, UAE and Oman.

Whereas Boråstapeter is the more classic, Engblad & Co. brings out the contemporary style bringing a large range of styles across the design trends. Mr Perswall, however, is the wild card – a made to measure wallpaper that has no limits in what can be done in terms of images and patterns.

Suitable for contract as well as residential, Mr Perswall in particular is featured in many high end hotels, restaurants and cafes across the region.

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A perfect wood floor is manufactured to be a treat for both the feet and the eyes. This perfection can only be achieved through years of experience and craftsmanship. We distribute solid pine, oak and ash floorings from Dalafloda, a Swedish brand with over 50 years of solid wood flooring experience.

The timber used to produce these floors is grown over a span of a century. This is raw material with a credible history; our suppliers have tapped into this history to create products that have a future thus offering value that lasts.




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